– Christianity is a suicidal religion promoting self-destructive ideas.

– Christianity is a nihilistic religion containing anti-social teachings.

– Christianity is a mystery religion opposed to reason and knowledge.

– Christianity is a cynical religion condemning humans as innately evil.

– Christianity is an anemic religion hindering confrontation of enemies.

– Christianity is a slavish religion commanding submission to authority.

– Christianity is an egalitarian religion similar to Marxism/Communism.

– Christianity is a masochistic religion obsessed with pain and suffering.

– Christianity is a mythological religion full of magic and supernaturalism.

– Christianity is a syncretic religion derived mainly from Hellenistic Judaism.


10 Responses to “Christianity Exposed”

  1. Destroyer Says:

    Nice collection of evil bible quotes. I have already copy/pasted a couple times and am sure I will be using this site as a resource when debating christarded jew worshippers in the future. Thanks.

  2. Timotheus Says:

    Just as this fictitious Hebrew was a bastard born of a virgin mother and no discernible father, so is Christianity a bastard offspring of Talmudism, the most vile, degenerate, ethnocentric fraud in the history of this world. Talmudism is a Sumero-Babylonian creation, and its ultimate purpose was to control the mind, body and spirit of all the peoples who came to be enslaved by it, which included the Berbers of North Africa and the negroid Nubians, as well as these camel shit shoveling Hebrews, who did absolutely nothing to create or promulgate civilization.

    This apocryphal Hebrew with the Greek name and Greek title is nothing but a sterilized plagiarism of Dionysus. His very name is nothing but a Renaissance, Anglicized corruption of the Mycenean Greek name Iezeus, which was the original name for the Thracian Dionysus. Iezeus was called Kristos, which is where this Anglicized title, Christ, comes from.

    The rite of the sacrificed fool-king for a day can be traced back to prehistoric times in which a village idiot was nailed to a tree on the vernal equinox, supposedly to purge the village of its transgressions. Christians should be aware that they are worshipping a village idiot, which is why the term cretin derives from Christian.

  3. franzhanz43@yahoo.com Says:

    Very well put,Timotheus.

  4. the MAN is a woman Says:

    Its sad to see supposedly jew-wise people still being taken in by their propaganda.

  5. Eli James Says:

    Anyone who thinks that Jesus was a Jew or that the jews are the Israel of the bible is clueless. The Jews want Whites to be anti-Christian. They have succeeded with this website.

    Pastor Eli james

  6. Jack Says:

    Z.O.G, First off thank you for all your research on jewish supremacist. However as far as Christianity Exposed, I have to disagree on mostly all points.

    I highly encourage you and any other readers to visit truthtellets.org and review Ted Pikes movies and articles. Many Christians today are completely obsessed with modern day Israel and are completely misguided on judaism and Israel.

    Ted Pike offers insight on disinformation in Christian ideology and what the Bible really means in the correct context. Ted Pike is working just as hard as you to expose Jewish supremisism and I believe this is one of the best resources for understanding Christianity.

    A good place to start is by watching The Other Israel, Why the Mid-East Bleeds, and Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance.

    I also recommend the book The Jews and Their Lies by Dr. Martin Luther. Martin Luther is a German who fought disinformation in Christianity and was one of the best theologians in Christianity, offering clarity to those corrupted by power, money, or judaism.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Jack Says:

      I aplolgize for the typos, it is truthtellers.org not truthtellets. Spell checker also screwed up my spelling of supremasism -Thanks

    • Z.O.G. Says:

      Jack, you’re where I was several years ago. You need to do some more thinking and reading about Christianity.

      Did you read my ten summary statements, click on them, and read all the New Testament citations contained in each section? I recommend that you do so.

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